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My name is Diane and I am passionate about exploring and teaching new modalities of movement with breath to guide my clients and help them reach their fitness goals! 


My Story

     Since I was very young I have been curious about exercise and movement.  Growing up it would be common for my siblings and I to return from school and find my father training his buddies in our outdoor garage gym.  My father was dedicated to physical fitness, strength training and helping others.  He made these a priority in his daily routine.  "Inhale, brace, lift, exhale!"  Little did I know it at the time but this introduction to breath and movement would launch me on a lifelong journey.  Following his example, I have studied and explored many different movement styles and fitness modalities and have made commitment to daily exercise a priority.  Pilates was something I discovered in University and knew that it would be something I would do the rest of my life.  The essential elements of Pilates (alignment of the spine, control of breathing, mindful movements as examples) can be integrated in so many facets of exercise and everyday life and can be adapted for every kind of mover regardless of age or physical limitation. 

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